Here are 5 ways to make couples as friends

Here are 5 ways to make couples as friends

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Some people have to make complicated decisions when choosing to have a relationship with someone. Does he have to lose the good times with friends and replace it with a new life with a partner. In fact, we can still feel the beauty of friendship with one’s partner, you know.

Do you want to know how? Follow these five easy tips.

1. Routinely talk about funny things and also share with one another


Relationships in relationships rarely occur in friendship, why is that? Because you and your best friend have likened the frequency by exchanging stories often and sharing jokes together. Then, why don’t you try this with your partner? It must be really fun right?

2. Try to always be there when he wants to chat or just meet to spend time together

Don’t let your mind get distracted while being with him. Get rid of gadgets, forget the task for a moment, and allow yourself to be truly present while interacting with it. Without doing this, the bond between you will not be able to be tightly woven like friends, you know.

3. Do lots of fun things together


Life with a partner, especially when already married will be very vulnerable to boredom. Moreover, you have to be with the same person every day for years. However, this is not the reason why we should not be friendly with our partners, rather, often doing fun things together will be a pretty powerful drug.

For example, washing dishes together while joking. Taking turns cleaning the house and doing other homework in a fun way will surely keep you warm and romantic in your own way.

4. Always be there for him when ups and downs


True friends are those who not only have moments of joy, but also moments of sorrow. A true partner too. We may not always be at the best point in our lives, but also sometimes reach the lowest point that makes us feel like giving up.

Well, if your partner is in this phase, never leave him. Always be present to cheer and encourage him. Surely he will feel how sincere you are like the most beautiful friend in his life.

5. Involve your partner in various decisions


Your partner will feel like someone you think is important if you often involve him in making decisions in your life. But remember, do not make this even as a weapon for you to blame him if later the decision he made actually ends in bad. In essence, ask for his opinion if you really need a response from others about something.

Now that was 5 ways to make a partner like a friend so that your relationship is not boring and always exciting. Getting an extraordinary partner is difficult, as is getting friends. If you want to be someone who is valuable to your partner, then be the best partner and a true friend who is always there for him. Simple right?


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