How to Improve Relationships with Couples

How to Improve Relationships with Couples

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You and your partner just had a big fight. The quarrel might make you and him almost separate. But luckily you forgive, and your relationship was saved. But maybe your relationship with him is tenuous. And you want to make this relationship better again.

How to do?

Don’t bring up the things that have passed again.

After a relationship has been successfully repaired, you and he must both agree not to bring up the problems that have passed.

The cause of the fight yesterday, whether whoever was wrong, should not be revealed again. No more insinuation. Already, close the book. Moving on.

Your relationship is more important than innuendos.

Someone I know was furious at her husband, because he was often rebuked for minor matters. After a little fight, the husband finally hugged him and apologized. The husband then changed, became smoother, and the two of them didn’t bring up the argument anymore. Happily ever after.

Yesterday’s mistakes should not be repeated.

Someone once asked me how to apologize to their partner. He said he had lied many times, and this time this lie was no longer tolerated.

Some say if one’s patience has its limits. And I agree with this. Even the most patient person can explode with anger. And his anger is usually fierce. Don’t play with others’ patience. Don’t play with people’s patience.

If he says he’s angry at your wrongdoing, then stop! Don’t get mistaken for being sorry he keeps forgetting what you did.

After apologizing and your relationship is saved, then stop doing something that makes him angry.

Don’t fuss over the little things.

Your relationship is still in the repair stage. Small fights can make the cracks grow bigger.

So, refrain from fussing over small matters. Like being late to chat back, late picking up, or anything trivial. You don’t have to win every fight, you can’t have everything you want. So, when your boyfriend doesn’t act 100% according to your wishes, hold on a little.

Make sure, not make assumptions.

Let’s say your relationship is still a bit fractured. Even though it’s better, maybe there is still a little sense of sensitivity between you and him. And he did something that pissed you off.

Instead of getting angry first, or getting emotional, ask first what he meant by that. Make sure he doesn’t do it on purpose. Instead of assuming that he’s looking for a case, that’s not necessarily.

No matter how cute two partners are, no two people think exactly the same way. Most couples see conflict as a sign of a breakdown in a relationship. Even though continuous conflict is one of its characteristics, it is not always the case.

Instead of seeing conflict as a threat, perhaps we should see arguments as moments of reflection. We should see this as an opportunity to be better for our partners, and to be more serious about keeping the relationship together. And when you and your partner succeed in forgiving, then be grateful, because your relationship still has the opportunity to be better than before.


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