The Difference Between A Healthy Relationship And An Unhealthy Relationship

The Difference Between A Healthy Relationship And An Unhealthy Relationship

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Relationships are like roots in plants. The healthier, the roots will develop stronger and able to absorb food to be distributed to every stem and branch that grows more shady. Roots that are able to sustain life and produce happiness.

Trying each other, maintaining mutual care during good times or difficult times, when healthy or sick, in joy and sorrow, we both want to try to build open communication and not just one of them is trying.

What makes a “Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships?

Being in a relationship requires mental readiness, as well as a conviction to make a heart. Because, on the way, each couple will inevitably encounter gravels and twists and turns of the road that are not always smooth and often steep, which can shake a relationship. If we don’t prepare our hearts beforehand, and just go through it all it can turn into an unhealthy relationship.

There are various reasons for someone to be in their relationship, for example someone is dating because they both love each other. However, not a few who also started dating relationships only because they did not want to feel lonely or run away after breaking up from their partner. For him, the attention of others he really needs. You should know that relationships are only based because you are lonely that is not healthy. Because you indirectly hurt your partner’s feelings.

What are the characteristics of unhealthy relationships and how healthy relationships should be? Don’t let you and your partner get caught up in an unhealthy relationship.

1. A healthy relationship, basically, each partner has the freedom to be able to express his opinion. Meanwhile, in an unhealthy relationship there is often an argument about trivial things that often do not need to exist.
Couples in a healthy relationship can freely express the contents of their heads and hearts. And they are both willing to accept their partner’s opinion openly. Communication is usually done intensely. Whereas couples with unhealthy relationships will always conflict every time they communicate, all this happens because they defend each other’s egos.

2. In a healthy relationship there will always be smooth communication. Meanwhile, in an unhealthy relationship, communication between the two is often choked up or even not at all smooth.
Usually this is related to the intensity of time each partner has sex. In a healthy relationship there will always be communication, even when they are separated (LDR) at least once a day there will be a set aside time to contact a partner. While in an unhealthy relationship occurs that is not smooth communication between the two is not infrequently there is no news for days and both also tend to not care and there is no sense of belonging to each other is no different from a relationship without status.

3.In every healthy relationship, each partner can still have privacy and to be able to socialize with friends without any restraint, while unhealthy relationships are always excessive and limit the space for the partner to continue to socialize with friends in the environment. social and often even limit the relationship with their own families.
4. Couples who have a healthy relationship more often talk about all problems or anything well and decide it together, based on mutual will because they are aware that it is all for the common good while what happens in an unhealthy relationship, one partner will decide something unilaterally.
Those who have healthy relationships will always try to make decisions together, such as where to eat, where to watch, buy things and many other things as much as possible they will discuss first. While everything will be different for those in an unhealthy relationship, couples will decide where to eat unilaterally with full force and never want to listen to input and think about what their partner wants.

5. Good trust in partners in a healthy relationship will always be maintained, whereas in a relationship that is not harmonious, this condition is inversely proportional to their mutual suspicion that there is no trust left.
Trust will be an important indicator of whether a relationship is healthy or not. If a partner trusts each other and keeps the trust given, this means that they still respect each other and the relationship will also get better. Meanwhile, when the feeling of suspicion begins to arise, it can mean that something is wrong with the relationship that is being lived. Either there is because there is an ordinary affair starting with the habit of a partner who begins to lie frequently.

6. There is always room for forgiveness and being able to apologize when a partner makes a mistake in a healthy relationship. As for unhealthy relationships, often the word forgiveness or acceptance of forgiveness is difficult to give, often there is no feeling of guilt at all when making mistakes.
Every time you make a small mistake, big, intentional or not, couples in a healthy relationship will apologize to each other and feel guilt. This can show that they respect each other’s feelings. Meanwhile, in an unhealthy relationship, if one partner makes a mistake, let alone the word sorry, usually there is no feeling of guilt at all.

7. In a healthy relationship they will place their partners as friends or partners, not see their partner as rivals. In a relationship, what is needed is the cooperation of both to complement and complement each other. Not putting each other’s ego on top of a relationship, if that doesn’t happen and you think of your partner as a rival, you can be sure that the relationship you are going through is a relationship that is no longer healthy. Moreover, jealousy starts to arise when our partners get success.
8. If your relationship that you are in is a healthy one, you will unconsciously feel proud and lucky to have it and share your love story in front of your friends with a happy smile. Meanwhile, if you are in an unhealthy relationship, let alone tell a story, it feels just to mention his name

or just remembering it is not wanted.
A healthy relationship will always make your partner feel comfortable, happy, and happy by only thinking about those we care about. Consciously or not, we will tell the happiness we feel to our friends, friends and even family with a sparkling face. Meanwhile, when we are in an unhealthy relationship, we will be lazy to tell the relationship to others. Far from telling stories, just mentioning the name is lazy.

9. A healthy relationship is not difficult to find happiness, because every time they are together or close to their partners they already feel happy otherwise in an unhealthy relationship, happiness will be difficult to feel, because every time they are close to anxious couples, Low self-esteem and fear will often haunt them but still don’t dare to get out of the relationship, especially if their partner tends to be a verbal or physical abuser.

How about you, what kind of relationship are you currently in with your partner? Hopefully we can find partners who are both willing to try to build healthy relationships that can bring happiness. If not, do not be discouraged and always be excited by continuing to try to be self-righteous so that you can become the potential partner that you have always dreamed of.


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