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  • Size: One size fits any mouth shape, even curved teeth.

  • Easy to use: Includes printing instructions to easily install hot water in minutes.This product uses high-quality imported raw materials, color-protected electroplating, hand-grinding, polishing, point-drilling, workmanship is more refined, and the hand feels superior.

  • Easily completed in less than a minute, we offer an easy-to-follow instruction to keep your teeth shining in minutes, a simple and practical hanging mouth design that is easy to retract and easy to store.

  • Easy to fall off and easy to clean, residual stains after use, as long as washed with water, instant and smooth, with super toughness, strong resilience, not easy to damage, reusable, durable.

  • Material: Brass + Premium Gold / Rose Gold / Silver / Black Gold Plated

  • Single Rhinestone Plating Hip hop Bling Teeth Caps For Men/Women Gifts