The seeds of this union dates back well over three decades and was planted some time ago in the hearts of Ingram and Atiya long before they even met or came together. Both fiercely dedicated to their life’s calling and one hundred percent committed to their evolutionary journeys in life and service to humanity in two different parts of the world, their paths miraculously crossed in 2010 and the loving flames within their hearts were ignited and therein was the first fanning of these Divine Counterparts.

Both Children of Light, Ingram was in the United Kingdom (London) and Atiya was in the United States (Arizona). Serendipity would have appeared to play a role in this blessing, yet, as chance would have it, luck had very little to do with these two souls coming together. It is their Universal Destiny!

While deep, soulful, unconditional love, transcends space and time, from the moment they came into union in 2011, to January 2015, they were faced with many obstacles they had to overcome to get together, stay together, and to this point. The sometimes incomprehensible intensity and power of this convergence, has created a shift in consciousness, sparked an accelerated awakening, and set in motion a birthing process of tremendous magnitude.

These two souls are no doubt guided and inspired by the Transcendent Reality, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Infinite Source, the I AM THAT I AM, and Highest Possible Form of Love to offer themselves into service to perform a profoundly blessed spiritual and healing work by leading a movement, rooted in the spirit of LOVE, to generate Divine Oneness between Universal Male and Universal Female energies.

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