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  • Easily completed in less than a minute, we provide easy-to-follow instructions to make your teeth shine in minutes!

  • Every time you open your mouth, the dental grill brings a hip-hop style, perfect for taking photos, shooting videos or wearing a club.

  • Easily completed in less than a minute, we offer an easy-to-follow instruction to keep your teeth shining in minutes, a simple and practical hanging mouth design that is easy to retract and easy to store.

  • Easy to fall off and easy to clean, residual stains after use, as long as washed with water, instant and smooth, with super toughness, strong resilience, not easy to damage, reusable, durable.

  • One size is suitable for 99% of people, our silicone molded stick fits your mouth shape, which means it fits most oral sizes and even curved teeth!

  • THj Braces micro-inlaid zircon hip hop gold tooth set hip-hop hollow micro-inlaid gold